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Who Are We?The who, what and why of JaxWorks SEO & Web

We are JaxWorks, an always passionate, always attentive SEO marketing agency who loves to design beautiful websites. See below for more information about this Texas-based company.  Call us at 832-889-9242 or email today.

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Your website is a reflection of your business – who wouldn’t want it to be beautiful and functional?

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Our Company

JaxWorks SEO is based in The Woodlands, Texas, a great community just outside Houston, Texas. Our company has been optimizing websites for a while and we love doing it!

JaxWorks is serious about putting you in the top search engine rankings and we can do so for an affordable price. We feel small businesses can’t afford the prices of websites and SEO of the big guys so we do something about it! Small businesses are our niche.

There is a lot of demand for SEO and many people are confused about what constitutes an optimized site. Let the JaxWorks professionals put your website at the top of the search listings. We incorporate many different processes to drive traffic to your site and to put you at the top of Google and other search engines. Having a website that no one knows about doesn’t do you any good! JaxWorks can drive traffic to your website and get you the business you need to succeed. Email Us or Call Us today at 832-889-9242.

Our ServicesWhat do we do better than others? Help send more potential clients to your website, of course! Click Here for more info.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is the process of improving your rankings in the search engines like Google or Yahoo or Bing naturally, or “organically”, as the search engines call it.

Google Adwords Marketing

Google Adwords and pay per click advertising provides web site owners the opportunity to buy their way to better positions on search results pages.

Website Design & Development

We build responsive web design solutions so your website is beautiful and functional on every type of device. JaxWorks also builds marketing websites with calls to action to convert your visitor into a customer.

Social Media Marketing

Social media and SEO are linked because multitudes of people use social media to let others know about websites they enjoy and use. A good search engine marketing campaign will add social media to their bag of tricks.

Video Creation for SEO

Video creation is an extra service we offer and is great for SEO! Video is the “in” thing in online marketing. A video is probably worth 1,000 pictures! Youtube, which serves more than a billion videos per day has become the go-to video site for millions of users across the web.

Content Creation

JaxWorks creates great content for websites and social media. Websites need good and relevant content via blogging or website pages or they won’t do well in the rankings. The only way Google can tell that you “do what you do” is if you have amazing content with keywords that tells them that’s what you do. Let us do all the work of writing the content for your websites because we know what Google wants.

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Featured Clients

We have worked with many small businesses, all of whom are special to us. We love entrepreneurs, service businesses, and Mom & Pop operations!

SEO Plans & PricingCompare our plans with other SEO companies in The Woodlands. Our prices are great!

We have mini-plans that begin at $375 per month that include blogging and drip-marketing, all the way up to full-blown SEO!

Our SEO plans include analyzing your site and finding the keywords that your potential clients are looking for, setting up a drip marketing campaign over the course of a year of your blog posts to Linked In and Twitter, Social Media Account creation, social media marketing, Facebook Ads and post boosts, blogging to add regular and relevant content, press releases, articles,  and more.   We let people know your company is out there!  Click the button to email us, or call us at 832-889-9242.

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