SEO is a must for all websites and not doing SEO is no longer an option.  Do these 5 quick SEO tips in the next 10 minutes and it will help people find you!

  1. Look through your recent blog post and make sure your pages and h1 and h2 tags contain your keywords.
  2. Ask one customer a week for a review. There are also plugins you can put in your site so they can review it right on the site!
  3. When is the last time you looked at your keywords to make sure they were targeting your audience? The foundation of every SEO campaign is its targeted keywords. Update your keywords if needed and always go for local, i.e., The woodlands, etc.
  4. Check your business profiles on the top review sites that affect your industry for negative reviews that need handling.
  5. Create or claim your business profile on each of the major social media sites – Facebook, Twitter and Google+ at a minimum and fill in your business information. That way, no one else can use your business name!
  6. Clean up your social media profiles by adding attractive images and a post or two to let people you’re your company does use the profile, even if only occasionally. Make sure all business information is correct.