By this time, as a business owner, you know that the Internet is really important for marketing your business. You have companies calling you all the time telling you how important it is to have your company on the first page of Google and offering to put you there so your potential clients can find seo the woodlands

These companies are correct in one aspect… You do need to be on the first page of Google when your potential clients are looking for you. You also need to be visible on social media sites, get testimonials out there from your clients, and be putting out information that answers peoples’ questions and solves their problems.

However, you don’t necessarily need someone to do it for you!

Below are steps, DIY SEO if you will, that will help get your site and your business noticed by your potential clients:

    1. Make sure your website has great content which includes your keywords. Your keywords are words that your potential clients will be entering into the search bar when they want to find your services or products.  You can use Google Keyword Planner to find some excellent keywords.
    2. Go into the back end of your website and find your meta-data, i.e., title, keywords, description. Make sure your title has the key word in it, put the keyword into the meta-data keyword section, and add a description that will get you noticed!  The description as well as the title shows up in the search results so make it count!
    3. Add a blog to your website. I cannot stress enough how important a blog is to consistently add content to your website, answer questions any potential clients may have, and position yourself as an expert in your field. This information is on the website forever, which means you can send potential clients there when they have questions.
    4. Share your blog posts on various social media sites. I know Google+ is not as popular as other social media sites, however, it does get you ranked pretty quickly. It does belong to Google, after all! And don’t just show your blog posts once. Repurpose those posts and drip market them using different titles on various social media sites. Put the blog post out when you write it because not that many people will see it the first time around:   a couple of weeks later with a different introduction, a month later, six months later, whatever you can do to get that information out to more people.
    5. Stay active on social media. Be sure you answer any questions that your clients and potential clients have.   Read and interact with other people’s posts and questions. Create a network of people that know who you are and what you do.
    6. Anything newsworthy should be shared with Press Release sites both off and online.  Contact your local paper and get their template to submit a press release there.
    7. Answer questions on LinkedIn and other social media sites.  Keep up with people, engage with them, let them know your company is willing to help solve their problems.
    8. Try your hand, with a small budget, on Google Adwords. You can quickly get your website to the top of search with Google ads.  Start with a couple of ads targeting your potential clients and see which keywords Google suggests and start with that.
    9. Join your industry online directories.
    10. Contact clients, vendors, etc. and see if you can get a link back from their site and/or get testimonials from them that you can put on your website.  Encourage them, with a discount if you can, to review you on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, your website.

These are just a few suggestions to help your site rank well on Google and increase your traffic so that people see what you do.  Make sure when they get to the site that they know what to do.  Do you want them to call you, email you, fill out a questionnaire – prompt them to interact and do something with the site.

Good luck and if you have any questions, call 832-889-9242 or email us at  If this DIY SEO info would be helpful to any business owners or friends, please share this DIY SEO for Your Small Biz post!