You as a business owners know that they need a business website to look “legit” to their customers.  But not all business owners know that most people will never SEE your website unless

  1. You give them the web address or
  2. You do some type of marketing so that when potential clients look for you on the web, they can find you.

What kind of marketing do you need to do?  It’s called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.  More and more business owners are finding out they need this but a lot of them are confused about what SEO entails.  They ask “How is it done/”, “how do I know if it’s working”, and the big one…”who should do our SEO?”.  Let us answer some of these questions for you.

How is SEO done?

  1.  Ok, when an SEO company first decides to do SEO on your site, the first thing they do is keyword research.  The company knows you know your business, however, just because you think a keyword is good for your business doesn’t mean that there are people actually searching for that keyword or keywords.  A good SEO company will get decide with you what services and/or products you are offering and what your keyword ideas are.  They will then take these keywords and do some research to see how many people, in your area only if you’re a local business, are getting traffic.  By traffic, we mean “how many people are searching for this keyword on the web in your area?”.
  2. Onsite Optimization –  This is where Title, Keywords, and Descriptions are crafted and installed into the back end of the website.  This is called Metadata or Metatags.  You will also need keywords in the body of each page, interlinking in  your site, image names and alt tags, and header tags.  An SEO company will also make sure you have great content that is relevant to your services or products.  Relevant content is what Google is all about – that’s how they rank you.  How much great and relevant content are you putting out to the public.  Are you actually doing what you say you’re doing?  How does an SEO company get content out there?  Blogs, pages, Articles, Infographics, Tutorials, Videos, Podcasts, etc.  They will continue to add content and share it to give you what you need in step #3:
  3. Linkbuilding – you want to concentrate on organic links.  These are links you don’t have to ask for, and they are the best kind. Especially if you can get them on sites with high authority such as major news outlets and other well-recognized name websites.  To get backlinks, you submit your site to relevant directories and search engines, local search profiles, guest blog posts, articles on article sites, Press Releases on PR sites, asking for backlinks from other webmasters, create more content and share on social media sites, etc.
  4. Get Social – A great SEO company will create social profiles for you and social media sites.  They will also share your information with those social sites, whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  5. Google Adwords – Depending on your budget, many SEO companies will manage your Google Adwords for you.  This is a way to receive instant traffic to your website by paying for clicks.  There are many facets to Google Adwords so won’t go into it here, but you can read more on our Google Adwords post.

How Do I Know My SEO Is Working?

In a word, Analytics – SEO can’t be monitored without analytics and you should receive reports about how your site is doing…how much traffic it’s getting, where it’s coming from, where your keywords rank, etc.

Who Should Do My SEO?

As a business owner, it’s up to you who markets your website, but most business owners don’t have the time to learn how to do all of the above themselves, nor should they take the time to do so.  You could learn how to do everything that has to do with SEO, but you have so much to do as a business owner that you should hire an expert to do it for you.  They know what they are doing, they can do it in much less time that you can, and you don’t have to worry about anything but perusing the reports when they’re sent to see what’s going on.  With emails and phone calls, you can take care of any questions you have, and you should see the results from the increase of traffic to your website and the increase of calls and/or contacts regarding your services or products.  You can pay someone at your office to do this, but that would be much more expensive than hiring an SEO company to do it.

There it is – most of what you need to know regarding SEO.  Have any other questions?  Please call us at 832-889-9242 or email us at information@jax-works.com.  We always answer or return your call or email right away or at least within 24 hours.  That’s just our policy and you can ask any of our clients about that!  Thanks for reading and please share this with your fellow business owners if you think it would help them.