Will the site you build for me fit on phones, tablets and laptops?

Yes, JaxWorks likes to build Responsive websites. What is a responsive website? It is one that resizes itself depending on the device on which you open it, whether it is a computer, a tablet, or your phone.

What Program or Language do you use to build a website?

JaxWorks can build a website on any platform. We prefer WordPress sites because it is easy for you, the client, to make changes, there are many customizations and plug-ins that we can add, and it’s great for SEO. However, sometimes you have a website that needs something different, and we can do that go, from Ecommerce websites to Membership websites, and everything in between!

We want a site that is easy to change and update ourselves.

Again, WordPress is great because it looks like Microsoft Word on the backend and is pretty easy to add images, add and change content, etc. JaxWorks will even show you how to make changes!

Do the costs generally go up during the web design process?

Once JaxWorks has quoted you a price, the price stays the same unless you want to change some type of functionality in the website, or unless you want to change vast quantities of content.

How long does it take to build a website?

We like to say 2 weeks, but we can generally get out a website quicker than that. It all depends on our discussions, if you have and get to us the content and images, etc.

Where will our site be built?

JaxWorks can build your website on our hosting or yours. We offer free hosting for the first year and $150/year after that. When we are in the process of building a website, we first get you a Mock-up of the website as an image. If you like that, we then put the website on our server so you can see it in action. Once all your content and images have been placed on the website, we then place the website on your hosting. We don’t like to put up a website that in “Under Construction” because to us, it looks unprofessional!

What browsers will our site work in?

Your website will work in every browser.  If it doesn’t, we didn’t do our job correctly!

I don’t know much about web marketing and SEO. Will you help?

seo the woodlandsJaxWorks specializes in SEO in The Woodlands and SEO in Houston. We are able to get targeted traffic to your website so that your potential clients find you by your products or services, and even your company name!

What if I don’t completely know what I need in my website yet?

That’s why we are the experts! JaxWorks wants your website to appeal to your target market and we can help you figure out what you need, what you want it to do (now and in the future), and can market your website so that you can be found by your particular keywords, i.e., your product your town, or your service your town for local marketing, and your product or service by name without your town for national SEO.

Does it matter if we are not in The Woodlands area? How important is face-to-face contact in the development of a website?

JaxWorks is a business whose specialty is online web design and SEO (online web marketing). We can work with you no matter where you are. If you are in The Woodlands, we would love to meet you! Also, and this is unusual for ANY web design company…we always answer the phone or get back with you within 24 hours. Period.