marketing with youtubeThe excellent features and popularity of YouTube make it a valuable marketing channel for you to spread great information about your business.  Everyone knows about YouTube by now, but not only is it a great place to find amusing and outrageous videos, it is actually a fantastic internet-based hosting service that allows you to share your videos AND  market your business.

Individuals and businesses are using YouTube for sharing videos of promotions, instructions and entertainment. You can show yourself to be an expert at what you do, share videos of your products and how they work, solve a problem, express the personality of your brand, and much more.  This gets your product or service out there to the public and creates backlinks to your website at the same time – something Google uses to send traffic to your website.  Another impressive fact is YouTube  helps you market your business effectively to numerous potential customers, and every target market you can think of is there.

One great YouTube feature is you monitor the feedback you receive from your video which provides an opportunity for you to provide  excellent customer service and feedback of your own for your business.

YouTube Marketing helps your business by:

  • Effective Demonstration of the Products/Services

YouTube marketing is truly valuable for those businesses with only limited distribution channels. Customers are also allowed to see the products or services in action. They will also have an idea on how to use it correctly after they buy it from you and can give them examples of other ways to utilize your products or services.

  • Demonstrating expertise

A lot of businesses are using YouTube in building their reputation. They can let people know about their expertise in the field. This mainly includes the process of uploading video tips and video tutorials and answering questions.

  • Showing the Personality of a Brand

YouTube gives you the chance to add movement and color to the image of your business. For a particular coffee supplier, for example, he or she has the chance to post coffee tasting events and tutorials. He or she can also post a video footage of the interviews involving people who have tried the varieties of coffee.

  • Leveraging Promotions or Events

YouTube marketing gives you the ability of revisiting previous events by showing the video footage. If you will be running an event, you will have the opportunity of sharing the highlights through the use of YouTube.

  • Solving the Problems of Customers

YouTube allows all businesses and entrepreneurs to provide  solutions for their clients. They are able to effectively post videos about the proper way of installing a product or using a service.

Even the problems related to the products can be solved right away. Being proactive is key as an issue can be acknowledged and repaired immediately.

YouTube marketing is a great way to highlight and explain your products or services through video.  This is great for SEO and traffic to your website, as well as creating a following for your business.  So get out there and make some videos.  They don’t have to be professional videos – a blog of the owner or an employee will work – just make sure you get quality information about your business out to the public and most of all, have fun!